Shitty Bus Poems Pt. 1

Part of a collection of intentionally banal poems, mostly haikus, written on the bus to work. Swearing again. Too late really.

Some are actually being used in a composition! Can you believe it. Ruining the face of modern art music less than a year after graduating.

Let’s be the problem together.

P.S. Yes I am aware that not all of the haikus are 5/7/5. It’s too late now, this is why they’re classed as shitty.

P.P.S. The Will Smith one is a joke based on the fact my friends often call me the most white black guy they know.

I suck at succint
This is not preferable
When writing short po…

Employment bargain
Skills and talent at no cost
Post-graduate life.

Disappointing Stops
Burley Park, thin on the ground
No muscles found here

Next day, hungover
Railroad an ocean on land
Seasick on small child

Wannabe Will Smith
Young, black and fashionable
Everything I’m not

Twat on a bike why
does the sun blister your bald head
and blind your bold eyes?

Morning cat on watch
What horrors do you observe?
Remain vigilant

Who spilt coke? It is no joke, lilt would be less sticky.
Coke, who is lilt? Less joke would be spilt. No, sticky it
Is! Lilt, coke, who would be sticky joke? Less it spilt. No.

Little child why must you scream?
Oh little child, can you not dream?
Instead little child is running amok.
Oh little child, shut the fuck up.


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