To Those Who Know Me Least

Since I’m too lazy to write a biography for this, I decided to integrate some more personal ideas into some poems. Now I know what some of you might be thinking…

Surely this is what all poets do Mr Soul?

QUIET. QUIET WITH YOUR LOGIC AND SENSIBLE THOUGHT. There is a time and place for it, but not here and now.

I’ll probably write something else for my next post. Probably about DotA2. Or perhaps even that genre in general, we’ll see. I’ve a lot to say about MOBAs/Lane pushing games/ASSFAGGOTS (
Thank you for reading!

To those who know me least
But know the differences I hold
Know that not all places
To difference are cold

I’ve heard it written
Seen it said
That there are places far and wide
Where gribbly’s not a word!


Race is not celebrated.
It is a curse,
Held against you from birth.


For those who suffer thus
Let me let you know
That hope almost exists.
There are many ways it shows.

Hope in the form of laughter
Hope in the form of smiles
Hope in friendship
Hope in love

Hope in humour!

For when a racial slur
Finds itself falling from the mouth of one
To the ears of another
Amongst those who know me most.
There is only one response.


Either a chance to bring
Another in to the fold
A human, unique

Or knowledge that
As part of our companionship
Humans, unique
Are equally insulted.


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