On Jennifer

There are cushions everywhere and the bathroom is officially full of superfluous grooming products!

Seriously, there’s about 5 bottles of the same thing in there. 

So my girlfriend has recently moved in to my mother’s house with me whilst we look for somewhere to call our own temporarily. It is a strange and scary time, especially as I’ve gotten used to my own company over the past year. Still, having my secret weapon in such close proximity must be dangerous for the world around so for now I can only smile. As I’ve not posted anything for a while (and don’t worry, something amazing is coming) I have a poem written for no-one in particular I’d like to share.

It’s probably the least inventive structure I’ve ever used in a poem longer than a haiku. Does this make this my most legit poem yet? Is it art? All these questions and more to be discovered after the break. 

If the roots of trees could laugh
As they burrow underground
Perhaps there’d be a precedent
For you, but none are found.

If languages were backwards,
Ever shifting, never sure.
There’d be no need to translate
Your English, now secure.

If confidence commodity,
Simply bought and never learned,
I’d see you as a merchant,
Too much stock is what you’ve earned.

Unless the solid ground decides,
Changing state is now its plan,
Atmosphere an atmosquare,
3 dimensions just too grand

Know that there is nowhere
No thing, no person too
That’s really as ridiculous
As putting up with you.


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