ShittyBusPoems – The ShittyMusicVideo

So we’ve been working on some things. A good friend of mine who’s studying a masters in music has just finished editing together some music videos based on the ShittyBusPoems. The videos themselves are suitably terrible, so let us know what you think!


On Jennifer

There are cushions everywhere and the bathroom is officially full of superfluous grooming products!

Seriously, there’s about 5 bottles of the same thing in there. 

So my girlfriend has recently moved in to my mother’s house with me whilst we look for somewhere to call our own temporarily. It is a strange and scary time, especially as I’ve gotten used to my own company over the past year. Still, having my secret weapon in such close proximity must be dangerous for the world around so for now I can only smile. As I’ve not posted anything for a while (and don’t worry, something amazing is coming) I have a poem written for no-one in particular I’d like to share.

It’s probably the least inventive structure I’ve ever used in a poem longer than a haiku. Does this make this my most legit poem yet? Is it art? All these questions and more to be discovered after the break. 
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The Sunday Service ep.2

I can’t believe it’s Sunday again.

So many plans for this thrown to the wayside and abandoned for the week. That said, I’ll always have plenty of little things to share and a metric shit-ton of music. That said:

I’m a huge fan of three lane highway, there’s a lot of introspective discussion on the behemoth that is DotA/Dota 2 and the ridiculous things that happen in and around the games. I think a lot of my love comes from the fact I’ve been playing games in the genre for around 8 years now and I’ve been through the gamut myself. It’s a harsh world out there and I’ve only a few Swedish people to protect me from the horrors of being a terrible English gamer.

I love chiptunes. Let’s just get this straight right now, I have no idea when it happened or how it happened but I love chiptunes and most things associated with them. I think Disasterpeace’s ‘Rise of the Obsidian Interstellar’ was the first album that showed me that there were people writing interesting music using these timbres/sounds and it really clicked with me. Motorway is a subtle fusion between the catchy melody-focused chiptunes and the syncopations of jazz/funk music that, when it works, really works. 23rd Century Life is a magnificent opening track and the minute-long build up to Suburban Supernatural doesn’t reduce my excitement when the first glimmer of a tune sneaks out of the dissonance. The rest of the album will surprise you with its combination of musical styles and perhaps my strongest criticism would be that, for all of the interesting stylistic fusions that exist within the album, it peters out in a very uninteresting way. That said, the moment itself is in contrast with so many of the other things that have happened so I suppose it could be forgiven for that. Opinions. Listen, love, buy.  

The Sunday Service

Throwing out some Sunday love, here’s something for your eyes and ears to enjoy while your bum chills out. That said, you just might start grooving.

Cara Ellison’s embed with Katharine Neil and Harvey Smith is up. If you haven’t read any of the embed series I’d highly recommend it. A real, personal insight in to the lives of the people you’ve only ever seen in the credits of the games we play. I think it also does a nice job of highlighting the struggle for games to achieve recognition amongst the general public, people are reticent to accept that games can do more than just Call of Duty sequels. That said, even Call of Duty has made its points in times gone by – there’s art to be had in this medium.

We’re starting strong with one of my favourite bands from the moment I heard them. Thabo is an incredible singer both in recordings and live, is the most down-to-earth, friendly man who sings to me through my headphones and has a midas voice. Everything the man sings is pure molten gold. Smooth and pure, this first album is a real delight despite some of the production failings that come with a first outing (there is definitely some noise on Special Song that I don’t think is meant to be there). People of Today is a real solid opener, Revolution has me moving and singing along every single time, especially at the end. Special Song is a great chiller before Hey Mama brings the beat back beautifully. If you don’t have much time, go give Revolution and World War Free from their other album on the site a listen. Your ears’ll thank me and you’ll probably feel better about yourself in the process!

Have a great Bank Holiday weekend everyone in England. That’s no less love to the rest of ya, I just don’t follow your national holidays.


Gaming – Me, Warcraft 3 Pt.1- How it all began and the LPG

I’m going to call them Lane Pushing Games (LPGs). It’s the best moniker I’ve seen and it’s a great blog by a game designer/developer I know who goes by the name of Softmints. If you have any interest in DotA and the myriad maps that came about in Warcraft 3’s day (and Aeon of Strife which started it all) I’d highly recommend you read it.

I’m calling this part one because I probably won’t say everything I want to say in one post. Let’s find out.

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To Those Who Know Me Least

Since I’m too lazy to write a biography for this, I decided to integrate some more personal ideas into some poems. Now I know what some of you might be thinking…

Surely this is what all poets do Mr Soul?

QUIET. QUIET WITH YOUR LOGIC AND SENSIBLE THOUGHT. There is a time and place for it, but not here and now.

I’ll probably write something else for my next post. Probably about DotA2. Or perhaps even that genre in general, we’ll see. I’ve a lot to say about MOBAs/Lane pushing games/ASSFAGGOTS (
Thank you for reading!
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